Mission Africa – Follow up to Cape Town

Here’s what Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement writes in the October/November issue of The Lausanne World Pulse about follow up to Cape Town 2010.

The Lausanne Movement: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

By Lindsay Brown

October / November 2011, page 2

Evidence of God at Work

We can already see evidence of three consequences which we trust under God will prove to be useful in bringing honour to his name around the world.

1. Evangelistic missions (Mission Africa) were held in over a dozen African countries in the lead-up to the congress. Lausanne partnered with African Enterprise (AE) and other ministries to create opportunities of the proclamation of the gospel in major urban centres throughout Africa. This was the vision of AE founder Michael Cassidy. These efforts had several distinctive characteristics: (1) they brought together evangelists from different parts of the world to work in partnership; (2) they focussed on major urban centres; and
(3) they engaged both in proclamation and in ministries of compassion.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response in Cape Town to this effort and a request from across Africa and worldwide that this type of activity would continue. Further discussions have already taken place for follow-up evangelistic efforts throughout Africa. Other efforts are being planned in other countries, especially in Russia.

Blair Carlson, director of the Cape TownCongress, will concentrate on working with others to make the most of these opportunities. With the help of the Lausanne international deputy directors (IDDs), he is seeking to identify between fifty and one hundred evangelists who will be invited at regular intervals for fellowship, to share news and mutual encouragement, and to help create opportunities to work in evangelistic teams
in different countries.

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