Mission World: Africa and Beyond Marches into 2012

Emmanuel Ndikumana, Raphael Anzenberger, Stephen Lungu

January 2012 brings us to some very strategic meetings.  Together with Emmanuel Ndikumana, Francophone Africa Lausanne International Deputy Director, and Stephen Lungu, International Director of African Enterprise, we will be connecting with French-speaking evangelists at the French Evangelists’ Forum in Belgium.  This gathering is led by Raphael Anzenberger, a French evangelist.  Our desire is to be able to put in to action some of the plans for evangelistic outreach in Francophone Africa.  Immediately following that I will be attending a gathering of people working in North Africa.  Mission Russia and Mission Caribbean are continuing their planning efforts .  A few more details are in our January 2012 Prayer Letter.  I’d be grateful for your prayers for this time.

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