Mission World Puzzle Pieces

The April 2012 Prayer Letter tries to explain how all the pieces of the Mission Africa / Mission World puzzle fit together.  We are encouraged by the way the pieces are fitting together and how ministries are linking arms to spread the Gospel.  Many key pieces were ‘found’ at the Strategic Partnership meeting in Kenya last month.  The forming of a Francophone Africa Leadership Team to inspire, coordinate and advance evangelism and evangelism training in Francophone Africa will help build that part of the puzzle.  French-speaking evangelists are planning to ‘cross the pond’ to the Caribbean to participate in outreach there.  And so the puzzle grows as the pieces connect from region to region, continent to continent.  As we continue to respond to requests for help with setting up evangelistic missions and evangelism training, we are greatly blessed in working with God’s family around the world.  Thank you for your prayers.

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