“Now I understand” … so what gift will I give?

We always include deeds of compassion along with the proclamation of the Gospel in our missions around the world.  In the Rusizi Mission for Jesus in Rwanda last August, the local pastors together with the African Evangelistic Enterprise Team gave very good cows to the five poorest families in the Kamembe sector.  One of those families wrote:

“What is happening in my life is a great joy, I would have never imagined that someone whom I don’t know can think about my life.  Through this cow now I understand  the love of God. I am happy and what you have done for my family is extremely important due to the poverty that I was living. ”cow

As I read this note this Christmas season, I was struck again at how God gave us Jesus, His Only Begotten Son, the Lamb of God, so that the human race could understand His love.  It also causes me to ask the question:  What will I do personally to show to others in a tangible way that God loves them?


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