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This week in Musanze, Rwanda was the first Training of Trainers on the pre-mission and follow-up course material which GoodWORD has been developing to help prepare churches for a mission in their communities.  We are partnering with African Evangelistic Enterprise in the Musanze Mission scheduled for 4-11 August.  Derek Simpson and Carol Guenter are there and have sent these photos, with the report below:

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Colleague Derek Simpson writes:  All 30 churches involved in the Musanze mission in August chose one or two people to be the Trainer/s for their church; more than 50 people in all, mostly pastors of churches, attended the Training of Trainers.  The conference was held in the Musanze Anglican cathedral which has excellent facilities.

The Bible story-based training materials have been even better received than I could have hoped.  The three courses were translated and printed in Kinyarwanda.  Some of the sessions were taught from the front; the others were “practice” sessions in small groups, to give them an opportunity to use the material and then debrief.  It was very tiring being the only speaker at a three-day conference after missing nearly two nights sleep, but God wonderfully enabled me and there was a great sense of excitement and of God at work.  Perhaps the most interesting thing was that when I gave a very simple, illustrated outline of the Gospel, it became clear that many did not have a clear grasp of the plan of salvation – for an hour I answered questions on what the heart of the Gospel message is.

The leaders of the mission are delighted with the materials and the whole strategy for this pre-mission and follow-up training.  It fits the situation perfectly.

Acher and John from Burundi

Acher and John from Burundi

Carol Guenter adds:  A bonus was having two young men from Burundi who attended the Regional Consultation in Cyangugu, Rwanda last year.  When they returned to Burundi, they commented on the need to a mission in their city.  They decided to do what they could with what they have and are planning a mission for 11-18 August in the southern part of Bujumbura.  These young men are now taking the pre-mission training materials back to the 70 churches involved in their mission, in order that they can be prepared to help in the disciple-making process more effectively.

Anticipation:   There is much anticipation for adding the component of evangelism to children as well.  The Catholic guest house in which we are staying is directly opposite the stadium where the opening and closing rallies will be held.  Today it was filled with primary and secondary school students for Sports Day – as God granted a vision for the focus on children at the August mission, our hearts were filled with expectation and the hope of the Gospel for this community.

We thank God for the privilege of serving the local churches in their work of evangelism and discipleship and thank you for making it possible!

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