Rwanda and DRC

Evangelist Derek Simpson gives an update on his recent travels to help with local Missions in Rwanda and the DRC.

Derek is currently in Matadi, DRC helping with an Evangelism Training Conference with about 100 pastors throughout the region, in preparation for an Evangelistic outreach. The Mission will take place in 9 different cities from October 26th-November 2nd. He collaborated with two other evangelists from Kenya and DRC to encourage church leaders on topics of:

  • Integrity in Evangelism
  • The Process of Evangelism
  • Gospel Preaching in Acts
  • Prayer and Evangelism
  • Pastoral Care and Follow-up
  • Why Evangelism is a Priority for your Church
  • Hindrances to Evangelism in your Church
  • Strategies for Evangelism in your Church
  • Partnership in Evangelism

In addition to the Evangelism Training Conference 40 churches have been preparing for the Mission by using the “New Disciples” booklet in small groups. 1,000 copies of the booklet will be printed in French to help churches involved in the Mission care and disciple new believers and inquirers from the Mission outreaches.

Thank you for your prayers.


Pastors in DRC preparing for the Mission in 9 different cities by studying God’s Word and the calling of Evangelism.

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