I believe [Mission World’s] method of partnering local evangelists with evangelists from other parts of the world holds great promise for the future… I strongly commend this significant effort, and I believe it has the potential for reaching thousands with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Billy Graham

The report of Mission [Rwanda] was terrific.  It certainly shows that the Lord is honoring your obedience and against the winds that would extinguish evangelism (as passe). Using the indigenous evangelists with adaptations of the biblical principles of strategic preparations can be identified in the “schools,” experienced in the harvesting events and infectiously spread within the Body of Christ for fruitful continuation.

Dr. John R. Corts, Former President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 

Mission Africa may well be one of the most lasting fruits of Cape Town 2010.  It seeks to forge genuinely equal partnerships between African and international evangelists which is the biblical model for the work of the Kingdom.  This must be the way forward for world evangelization both today and always!

Bishop Hwa Yung, Methodist Bishop of Malaysia

There is a great need to re-emphasize the important role played by the preaching evangelist with a primary emphasis on the saving work of Christ.  People with this call should be given opportunities to exercise their ministry so that large numbers of people would be given an opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am thankful that this need is being met effectively by Mission Africa.

Ajith Fernando, National Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

My greetings come out of the heart of Africa on the one hand and on the other out of deep gratitude for the world wide fellowship of evangelical believers which we experienced in such a signal way in Cape Town in October [2010]…In the months running up to the Congress one of the major blessings lay in the Mission Africa endeavours whereby we linked together evangelists from different parts of the world with evangelists from Africa…Thus it was that all across the continent mission outreaches took place when multiplied thousands heard the Gospel and several thousands responded positively in commitment to Christ.  The model of partnering overseas evangelists with African evangelists and vice versa came quickly to be seen as one of the oil-strikes of the Congress and a model which deserved to be further perpetuated not only in Africa but in other parts of the world.  I therefore want to commend this model to your thoughtful and prayerful reflections. We covet your prayers for wisdom as to how to put it all together and how to find the right structures that balance both African and outside contributions.  So we need prayer, we need financial support, and we need the Lord’s hand of wisdom upon us all so that we do not move out of His will in any way.

Michael Cassidy, Founder of African Enterprise

It is always a great joy to observe how God is working and moving all over the continent of Africa, reaching out to the lost and needy. It is also impressing to see how Mission Africa aims to partner International Evangelists with African Evangelists together for the ONE purpose: “The Great Commission.” Pray that this unique coupling of proclamation evangelism with compassion ministries working towards an ongoing process of training and follow-up within the local churches, and targeting urban centers would be a blessing to the African countries.

Rev. Dr. Sameh Maurice, Senior Pastor
Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church, Cairo, Egypt