Derek’s Postcard from Kigali

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The last time I was here – in August 2014 for the Rwanda Universities Mission – I expected to be, well, the last time I would be here.  We (in GoodWORD) felt that our work in Rwanda was done.  That does not mean that there was nothing left to do.  It is simply that our task is to model truly biblical evangelism with a clear message in a way that enables the church to fulfill Jesus command to “make disciples”.  Everything we had done was ‘reproducible’ by the local church and the training courses were entrusted to Rwandan evangelists who could use and teach them.

It is all based around Paul’s instruction to Timothy; ” the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. (2 Timothy 2:2)

So why am I back?  African Enterprise is continuing with its plan to hold an in-depth evangelistic mission in a major city each year.  Over twelve years, they will cover every region of the country.  This year Kigali, the capital, is the focus.  Their partner for this mission is ‘Shine in the World Ministries’ which is led by Sammy Wanyonyi.  He is a Kenyan evangelist who is now based in the United States.  He is leading very effective missions throughout Africa and in other countries.  Sammy is building a strong team of people for the preparation, organisation and follow-up of their evangelistic work. 
Sammy Wanyonyi (left) with Emmanuel Kwizera (right)

With our permission, Shine are going to use the strategy for preparation and follow-up of evangelism, based around the Training of Trainers course and the Disciples books that GoodWORD has developed.  In future, they will produce the books under the name of their own mission and their staff will teach the course in each country they go to.

So I am back here one more time.  I will teach the Training of Trainers course to the Kigali Church leaders.  They will then teach the preparation course, Being Disciples in their own churches and train their people to lead the New Disciples follow-up Bible study groups and the Growing Disciples follow-on discipleship course.  (The training starts tomorrow, Wednesday 25 May and runs for three days.)

While I teach the course, I will also teach some of the Shine team to lead the course in the future.  This should lead to the course being taught and the books being used in countries I may not ever go to.  I find that idea very exciting.

While I am in Rwanda and writing about it, I must also mention Emmanuel Kwizera.  He was the Missions Director of African Evangelistic Enterprise here in Rwanda and the one we first worked with in Mission Africa in 2010 & 2011 when the strategy for national evangelism was being developed.  He was continuing that work here and using our training materials.  He is now the International Missions Director for African Enterprise and working from Nairobi. This week. I will be working with his successor, Albert, who met me at the airport yesterday evening.  We are also in talks with AE about using the training strategy throughout their organisation.

When Blair and I first talked about these training materials and he asked me to write them, we had no idea of the impact they would have.  Best of all is ‘entrusting them to faithful people who are able to teach others, also.’

Many blessings to you.


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Republic of Congo – Phase Two

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Church leaders in the northern part of Republic of Congo are planning for evangelistic outreach in November/December 2016.  In November 2015 a consultation was held in Impfondo, to give a broad overview of preparation.  In May 2016, Blair Carlson was … Continue reading


Celebrating Ten Years

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On Sunday, 20 September 2015, GoodWORD Partnership celebrated the first ten years. Some 75 friends and family gathered together at Edina Covenant Church in Minnesota, where GoodWORD Partnership has its main office, to share stories of God’s faithfulness.  We could … Continue reading


Celebrating Life … Always

It was such a pleasure to be involved with the Celebrating Life Campaign in Rwanda last year.  What was begun there is setting the example of what we pray will be a movement across college campuses in many nations.  These young people will be future leaders in their nation – how much more exciting is that when they know and follow Jesus Christ?

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Rwanda and DRC

Evangelist Derek Simpson gives an update on his recent travels to help with local Missions in Rwanda and the DRC.

Derek is currently in Matadi, DRC helping with an Evangelism Training Conference with about 100 pastors throughout the region, in preparation for an Evangelistic outreach. The Mission will take place in 9 different cities from October 26th-November 2nd. He collaborated with two other evangelists from Kenya and DRC to encourage church leaders on topics of:

  • Integrity in Evangelism
  • The Process of Evangelism
  • Gospel Preaching in Acts
  • Prayer and Evangelism
  • Pastoral Care and Follow-up
  • Why Evangelism is a Priority for your Church
  • Hindrances to Evangelism in your Church
  • Strategies for Evangelism in your Church
  • Partnership in Evangelism

In addition to the Evangelism Training Conference 40 churches have been preparing for the Mission by using the “New Disciples” booklet in small groups. 1,000 copies of the booklet will be printed in French to help churches involved in the Mission care and disciple new believers and inquirers from the Mission outreaches.

Thank you for your prayers.


Pastors in DRC preparing for the Mission in 9 different cities by studying God’s Word and the calling of Evangelism.

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Rwanda University Mission

8 Campuses. 4 Cities. 7 Evangelists. 8 countries represented. 1 Goal.

Highlights from the Rwanda University Mission, October 2014.

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Students Prepare for Mission in Rwanda

The Student Evangelism Training Conference in Rwanda was in preparation for the University Mission – watch this inspirational video and pray for the students of Rwanda!

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