Mission World

We encourage you to watch this 5-minute video highlighting our work in “Mission Africa”, as well as our vision for continuing this model of partnership evangelization:

In response to the success of Mission Africa and the outpouring of requests we have received for evangelistic partnerships flowing out of Cape Town 2010, Mission World is a five-year plan of global evangelization starting with Mission Africa: Phase II, and moving into Eurasia and other regions of the world. The primary initial focus will be on Francophone and Portuguese-speaking African cities not involved in Mission Africa 2010.

In each location, we will come alongside the local church to focus on a three-fold, event-based strategy:

A) Evangelistic Outreaches — As with Mission Africa,  evangelistic outreaches will be two- to three-week multi-strata events in urban centers led by the local church (where God is already at work). We will partner local and international evangelists with the goal of 1) seeing unbelievers come to Christ and be folded into the local church, 2) seeing local leadership equipped to replicate the outreach model on their own, 3) seeing long-term reciprocal partnerships between local and international evangelists.

B) Evangelism Training Conferences — These training conferences are one-week mini-conferences for local leaders. In collaboration with various ministry partners, we conduct training events for master trainers in local communities, with the goal of equipping and encouraging them in their work of equipping and training lay leaders for evangelism.

C) Conferences for Evangelists — We will facilitate regional training conferences  for evangelists, with the goal of evangelism training, discipleship training, and mutual encouragement, accountability, and fellowship. Connecting on a regional level helps assure contextualized training, facilitates the involvement of a greater number of evangelists, and affords the opportunity for evangelists in the same region to know one another and coordinate efforts.