“[I learned] No matter how simple my testimony is, it is important.”
(Rwanda– Student Evangelism Training)

“I learned what the Gospel is and how to share it with my friends.”

(Rwanda– Student Evangelism Training)

“I know the meaning of the Gospel [for] the first [time in] of my life.  In other words, God bless you.”
(Rwanda– Student Evangelism Training)

“I know that Christ is with me when I go to make disciples.”
(Rwanda– Student Evangelism Training)

“I wish this training would never stop!”
(Rwanda– Student Evangelism Training)

“Keep on praying for us to be strong and accomplish the mission of God by teaching His Kingdom to all nations in Jesus’ name. “
(Rwanda– Student Evangelism Training)

We are glad to be taught by someone who does it from his own experience and to be shown the elements of the true message of the Gospel.”
(Burundi – Evangelism Training)

“This has been one of the best conferences that I’ve been to that built me as a person with resources to pass on to the next generation.”
(Kenya – Children’s Evangelism Training)

“Thank God for the Rwanda [Children’s Evangelism] training. I utilized the material we were given to the full.  In fact when l took to the stage with [the] presentation on Discipleship …the other trainers didn’t want me to stop.  They kept on and on and adopted the systems taught, by culminating in an outreach to two schools where l saw God work through the 72 teachers we trained.” 
(Kenya – participants who brought the Children’s Evangelism Training to equip others nine months following the initial training)

This conference brought to my heart God’s agenda for my life – to preach the Gospel.  This is why God created me.”
(Ethiopia – Evangelism Training)

Our gratitude to GoodWORD Partnership for the precious gifts without which the Kinshasa Mission would have remained mere dreams.”
(DRC – Mission, Training)

“The training and the missions week was very helpful and timely. We all realize that God is bringing to us something special and calling us to carefully respond to it. I’ll start a new connection with people who are moved by the Spirit of the Lord especially to preach the Gospel to those who are unsaved. My prayer is, ‘God use me!'”
(Ethiopia – Mission, Training)